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(photo credit: @womensmotoexhibit)

How did you become interested in riding?
Both of my parents are/were bikers, they met at a bike run in Monticello. My mom sold hers when I was 7 and when I saw her pass it off to another guy on the block I knew I’d fill her spot on the road.

How long have you been riding?
2 years

What kind of bike(s) do you have?
I ride a Harley Iron 883 sportster, a recent upgrade from a Yamaha V-Star 250.

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Advice for new riders or women who want to get into riding?
I went from a decade of bicycle commuting to motorcycles and I think the skills I developed from one really transferred to the other, so get on a bicycle for a while and get a sense of the acute awareness of motorists, pedestrians, road hazards, etc., required to safely ride anything on two wheels.

Favorite piece(s) of gear and why?
My Straight to Hell Commando leather jacket. It’s a tough leather jacket, no nonsense, and the price is right. Bought it from an old punk store on St. Mark’s on sale, and got a further discount because the owner knew I was giving up food for the week for that jacket.

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(photo credit: @womensmotoexhibit)

What is the best part of being woman who rides?
Riding is a great conversation medium — I’m generally a little slow to open up to new people, but motorcycling appeals to so many different types of folks and it’s been way easier for me to get to learn people’s stories from walks of life I wouldn’t have normally sat down with. It helps me keep an open mind.

And what is the worst part of being woman who rides?
Hands down, all of the unwanted attention you get on the road. I won’t get into it because I don’t want to discourage anyone, but it’s amazing what people do to try to get the woman on the bike to acknowledge them when you’re trying to focus on what you’re doing.

Besides riding motorcycles, what other hobbies or passions do you have?
I’m a competitive powerlifter in the USAPL raw 47kg weight class.

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