How To Join

The Miss-Fires have but a few requirements: Identify as female, be 18+ years old, own a functioning motorcycle or classic car, and hold a drivers/M-class motorcycle license. We also welcome women with a passion for racing or on other two, three, four-wheeled rides. Join us on your moped, in your classic car, or let us know when your next race is!

Please fill out the questionnaire and we’ll get right back to you!

note: If you have a license but do not yet own a motorcycle, we will not be able to approve your application. We understand that new riders look to The Miss-Fires for help in finding the right first ride, so we encourage you to come to any and all of our public events, meet the girls and ask questions. Let us know once you’re on the road with your own wheels, we look forward to welcoming you to the family.


If you would like to JOIN The Miss-Fires, or contact us directly: GET IN TOUCH HERE

Existing Miss-Fires Members: LOG IN HERE


19 thoughts on “How To Join

  1. My gfriend Andrea got me hooked on riding and I’m studying for my learners permit. Plan to be riding by labor day.

  2. what are the chances of starting new chapters in other cities? I have a group of 4 women that ride in Chicago and would love to branch out to make ours a real group.

    1. HI Jacqueline, thanks so much for getting in touch. We are starting chapters throughout the US and would love to have a Chicago chapter represented. I’ll shoot you an email now. – Corinna

  3. Hey ladies! I’ve been riding the last two and a half years and live in Brooklyn. Do you have a shop or is black bear the best place to meet up with you? Would love to join the miss fires!

  4. Have you had any interest, or is there already, a chapter in Seattle? I don’t know any women riders and I would love to have people to ride with. I’ve only had my bike for three weeks and have put 600 miles on it. Needless to say I enjoy it so much I am happy to ride alone, but we can all use a little company, right?!

    1. we’d love to have a seattle chapter! apply on the website and we’ll help set you up with other ladies there or lean on you to become a chapter head 🙂 – Corinna

  5. I have been riding for 2 years in Europe where they were stricter and now 6 years here in NYC. Came back and I am always riding by myself. Maybe coz I ride to do work errands but I have no one I loterallly ride with. Past bikes, Ninja 250, Ducati monster and now my love Triumphed h Street triple R.

  6. Hey ladies! So I really want to get my two sisters into motorcycling but being a guy I don’t have much insight of what it is like for a female in the motorcycle community. That being said I have been looking for a great group of other female riders that can give them and I the insight I am looking for. I would love to come to a meeting or gathering to chat more about it in person if you will have me. Love what y’all are doing here with the club! Love to see empowered women empowering other women. Keep it up! Paint up rubber down.

  7. Hi,
    Looking to meet other women riders. Just got a lil 250 cc. I don’t do social media, is there another way to sign up?

    1. Hi T,
      After 8 years on a private non social media platform, we just this month were forced to leave it as the company went out of business. all other similar options were too expensive for our club which requires no dues. We are now utilizing FB private groups for our club communications (follow the join now link to be directed to this). In the future we hope to again be on a non FB platform. Hope to see you in the group and on the road soon!
      Corinna, Founder

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