The Miss-Fires in The New York Times

A few months ago on a Sunday evening I went to a birthday party. In between gluttonous bites and gulps of cake and beer I began noticing that some people were getting interested in what I had to say about The Miss-Fires; mainly a writer friend named Jessica Weisberg. A week later Jess emailed me asking if itContinue reading “The Miss-Fires in The New York Times”

Intruder Alert: Tune-Up Part 1

Last night, under Val’s tutelage, we pulled my ’87 Suzuki Intruder out of winter storage for a much needed spring cleaning tune-up. By the time I got to MotorGrrl at 7PM, Little Miss Suzi Ramjam (the Intruder’s new name for reasons I’ll explain later) was already up on the lift and ready for love withContinue reading “Intruder Alert: Tune-Up Part 1”