5/5/14 The Miss-Fires, motorcycle gals that don’t miss!


misadventures_sidebar2 April 7th, 2014 MisAdventures Magazine



March 30th, 2014: An inside look at a unique womens motorcycle club in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC


March 30, 2014: Motorcycle Crew Has One Requirement, and It Isn’t a License




5 thoughts on “Press

  1. Hi there,

    I’m a reporter with Chasing News on Fox5, WOR and Fox29. I’m working on a story about motorcycle ownership among women, specifically millennials. Research shows that more women are taking to the ride than ever before and I would love to talk with some of your members as to why and also learn if you’ve noticed the trend. I film with a cell phone and a go pro. More info on us can be found at Thanks!

  2. Hi guys,
    I’m a writer working on an extended project about women bikers. I’ve been admiring your group for a little while now, and would love to find a time to meet you guys and/or talk about what you do. If you shoot me an email, I’m happy to talk more about the project and myself. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. Hi!
    I’m writing from Amtrak’s magazine, The National. We’re doing a story on The Miss-fires, and I was hoping you could send us some relevant photographs. If you email me, we can talk details.
    Talk to you soon, and thanks!

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