Member Bio: Meet Kellie



How did you become interested in riding?
It began when I met my ex-husband, he rode and I fell in love with being on the bike with him but longed for my OWN power between my legs, so took the course and never looked back at being a back-seat rider!

How long have you been riding:  
Four glorious years

What kind of bike do you have:
2016 Harley Davidson Slim S.

Advice for new riders or women who want to get into riding?  
DO IT! For God’s sake, do NOT let anyone tell you, you can’t.  Take a course, then practice in your own neighborhood, if it’s a safe area, maybe grab yourself a mentor, someone that will ride with you and help you with riding and safety tips.  Most above all else, RIDE EVERY CHANCE YOU GET, the more miles, the more experience! Last piece of advice, pull over and smell the roses!

Favorite moto adventure/dream moto adventure?  
Has to be The Fox Run, really loved riding there with my friends, moto and camping seem to go hand in hand.  My dream moto adventure has to be to ride cross county!


Favorite piece (s) of gear and why?
Love my Biltwell helmet/bubble shield, protects from bugs and wind.

What is the best part of being a woman who rides?  
The comradery I feel with other women riders, and the power I feel, the freedom I feel, and defying the stereotypes.

And what is the worst part of being a woman who rides?
I can’t think of anything negative about being a woman who rides.

Besides riding motorcycles, what other hobbies or passions do you have?
I enjoy embroidery, and am a huge foodie! Love to cook, love to eat! I also love to spend time with my girlfriends and my daughter who has been my biggest accomplishment! Jeez, this sounds a bit like a dating ad.



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