Ride With The Living Dead!

Every year, The Miss-Fires take a queue from the 1973 biker movie horror classic Psychomania to dress up as The Living Dead and terrorize the streets of NYC on motorcycles…and you’re invited! So, saddle up the steel steed, and road ready your costume, so you too can Ride With The Living Dead this Halloween Eve! EventContinue reading “Ride With The Living Dead!”


GRACE ROSELLI’S ‘THE NAKED BIKE PROJECT’ – WOMEN AND THE MOTORCYCLES THEY LOVE Artist, photographer and motorcycle lover Grace Roselli examines women and their raw passion for two-wheeled machines with her “Naked Bike Project.” by John Scott LewinskiJul 27th, 2016 A motorcycle is inherently an intimate vehicle. Whether driving or cruising along as a passenger, you sit inContinue reading “GRACE ROSELLI’S ‘THE NAKED BIKE PROJECT’ – WOMEN AND THE MOTORCYCLES THEY LOVE”

Story Time – Road Rash

The Miss-Fires host Story Time This weeks Topic: “Road Rash” Come share your Motorcycle stories of when the rubber side didn’t stay down. You are invited to the start of a series of informal group talks titled “Story Time”. It will be a night of.. you guessed it, telling stories about our moto related experiences.Continue reading “Story Time – Road Rash”

For The Ride…For the friendships.

READ THE ORIGINAL STORY AT FOR THE RIDE The Miss-Fires formed in October 2013 after a simple dinner ride made up of a few women. Being happy, active co-ed riders already they didn’t know where it would lead when they took that first scoot, but before dessert, they knew they were on to something. Photographer, ToddContinue reading “For The Ride…For the friendships.”

Women on bikes: Female motorcyclists hit the streets

CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE TO WATCH THE FULL VIDEO Women on bikes: Female motorcyclists hit the streets The number of women taking to the road on motorcycles in the US is on the rise. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council there has been a 30% jump in the number of female bikers in the pastContinue reading “Women on bikes: Female motorcyclists hit the streets”

New England Trials Clinic (NETA) Trails Cross training Clinic

Chantal and I…stealing a lil kid’s bicycle? Sometimes you just need to take a day off and get out of town. So, last Sunday me and some friends from NYC Vin Moto and The Miss-Fires loaded up the trucks and headed up to lovely, lush Connecticut and the Meridan Motorcycle Club…. Me. ready to ride? TheContinue reading “New England Trials Clinic (NETA) Trails Cross training Clinic”

Women bikers are on a roll…and have been for a while!

Christine at Coney Island 2015 For Miss-Fire member Christine, belonging to a women’s club is no new idea. She recently shared with us an article published in the Daily News on May 13th, 1990. Below is her story and the article. Enjoy a bit of NY motorbiking history! – The Miss-Fires My name is ChristineContinue reading “Women bikers are on a roll…and have been for a while!”

Get our Moto Suzy back on 2 wheels

Dear Friends, You’ve probably heard by now that Suzanne’s (suzypineapples) motorcycle was recently stolen in the early AM hours out of her locked garage. To say that she’s devastated would be an understatement. Her’s is the biggest smile around when she was on that bike, and that has been taken from her, and us. Among running manyContinue reading “Get our Moto Suzy back on 2 wheels”

Bikes. Babes. Bands!

Open the season in style! Julia Haltigan, Kat Thomsen of Your Ex-Girlfriends, and Kris Reed of The Rosewood Girl are all members of The Miss-Fires, as is Mercury Lounge Manager, Amanda Haase. Badass does not begin to describe these ladies, their bands. Spread the word, Buy your tickets today, and we’ll see you at theContinue reading “Bikes. Babes. Bands!”

Adventures in riding ice

Photo by Ryan Handt Photography Winter in New York is always hard for motorcyclists. As ice and snow cover the streets, we put our bikes in storage, and spend hours reminiscing about summer, longing for spring, and cursing the Instagram feeds of our friends in warmer climates. This year has been particularly long and hard,Continue reading “Adventures in riding ice”