Fierce, fast, fanatic and friendly, The Miss-Fires have but a few requirements: female, 18 years of life, a passion for bikes and a valid motorcycle license to prove it (sorry dirty riders…we love you and were all once there too). For all you non-licensed, bike-curious ladies, just tap tap tap those fingers on your device and track us down at www.themissfires.com, Facebook, and Instagram. Don’t be shy to come hang at M.F. social events, which we host locally and often. Meet us and keep up that drive to go get what you need to hit the road and ride with us. With a license branded ‘M’ (yeah, it can be a bitch but isn’t everything worth doing?) we’ll be proud to call you a Miss-Fire.

We also welcome women with a passion for other two, three, four-wheeled rides (moped, classic car, racer….you get it).

If you would like to join The Miss-Fires, or contact us directly: GET IN TOUCH HERE


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hope to see Miss-Fires at The Race of Gentlemen October 2015 Wildwood NJ!!!
    Email potential race entries to theraceofgentlemen@yahoo.com for review Motorcycle requirements:
    Engine: 1947 or Older: Knucklehead, Flathead, or other American Overheads – No after market S&S motors, etc.

    Shifting: Period Hand Shift, Foot Clutch – No “Jockey” style ratchet lids, No “Cheater” hand clutches…
    Harley – Tank shift. Indian or other American Motorcycle – Tank shift or off the transmission (i.e. Indian Scouts)

    Frame: Harley – Rigid, Indian – Rigid or stock sprung rear (40-47), Other American brands – factory frames

    Forks: Period Forks, Springer, Girder, Leaf Spring… Hydraulics i.e. Vard, must be pre-approved

    Brakes: Period Mechanical Drum – No disk brakes, or modern drum

    Tires: Period Tread – Aggressive OK (i.e. Grasshopper, Firestone ANS) but No Motocross Knobby or Paddle style tires permitted

    Number Plates or Painted Numbers – Period Number Plates with racing number clearly visible on both sides of the bike and front fork (if possible). Period style number plates, No yellow plastic Motocross plates with zip ties. Paint or shoe polish on both sides of the gas tank is OK if you can’t do plates.

  2. we would be happy to send you more information but in the mean time take a look at our web site, all the information about our bike groups and us are on the site. We still have openings in July and late August. Regards Simon

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