Stories of Bike – Discovery

The Stories of Bike episode has been released featuring me, Kristen Reed. Come experience NYC from my perspective on my 2013 Bonneville, from hanging out with the Miss-Fires, to band rehearsal with The Rosewood Girl, to riding in the annual Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. It’s a beautifully made video by Cam Elkins and Brian Stansfield. Thanks to everyone who helped make it such a wonderful experience!

7 thoughts on “Stories of Bike – Discovery

  1. Wonderful story, beautifully done! To me, it really conveys what an empowering individual experience riding is, and how that makes the community of women riders so welcoming. I can’t imagine life w/o my Bonneville, either! Thanks so much for sharing,

  2. Dear Kristen I’ve watched the movie about you and your Triumph several times. It’s so nice! Last week I bought a Triumph Bonneville T100 black and did some modifications inspired by you. I have a question: I have the mirrors downwards like you have; it looks great but it’s not very practical. Don’t you have the problem that your arms hinder you from looking in the mirrors? 27 September I will join the distinguished gentlemen’s ride in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) where I live. Enjoy your Bonny! Best regards, Ruud Berendse

    1. Hi Ruud – Congratulations on your new bike!! I love the T100s. And thanks for letting me I inspired you. For all the people that have inspired me, it’s great to know the flow continues.

      I no longer have the Renthal bars on my bike and subsequently don’t have those mirrors anymore. But when I did have the downward facing ones, I never had any viewing problems. Now I’ve got clubman bars with circular bar end mirrors, which I absolutely love. The mirrors take some getting used to, but the whole set up is very pleasing now. It’s completely changed my riding position and thus the feel of my bike. I’m very happy with it.

      I’ll also be participating in DGR here in NY, so we’ll be riding in solidarity.

      All the best!

      1. Thank you Kristen. I will experiment a bit with the mirrors. Enjoy the DGR. I will let you know when I will be visiting NYC.

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