Happy America from The Miss-Fires!


4th of July, in Miss-Fires fashion…10389414_10152309198049608_8413275633421469591_n

The Miss-Fires have are an eclectic group of ladies and bikes and we make a point to have fun and not take ourselves to seriously. We had a nothing more than a loose last minute plan to hit up a few local parties for the 4th and see what trouble we could find…Sandra (above) rode in a vintage sundress, under full leathers on her Honda CB77, seen here setting Rachael up for a test ride. She makes full gear sexy as hell.

Lynda was recently reunited with her VTR 250 after moving to NY from California and waiting a painful few months before it could be shipped over. She hasn’t stopped smiling since!



Amanda and her Harley with Sandra and her CB77



Rachael taking a break from her Triumph Bonneville to take Sandra’s CB77 for a spin.


It’s so much fun, everyone wants a turn!


Rachael and Amanda


my 1962 Ford Ranchero with a perfectly matching Bell Bullet helmet


me, in my natural habitat. happiness.


my ranchero was running funny and a few of the classic car friends jumped in to lend a hand diagnosing. I was so engrossed, i never even noticed Rachael slapping my ass. ha!




Suzanne and her new whip.



Suzanne’s home made  ‘America’ cake


Minivan burn outs


Greenpoint Hot Rod BBQ Miss-Fires ‘groupie’


As the sun set, full of BBQ and shenanigans, a crew suited up and hit the road in search of music and fireworks…




Our travels led us to where else, but the Dances Of Vice Rockabilly Extravaganza where VIP parking and tickets awaited us!




Live Bands, Swing and Jive dancing led by the Rebel Night crew, vintage vendors and a roof to see the fireworks display. Alison even won the twist off!

imageroof top Miss-Fire ‘groupie’ …right before they kicked us off.


the ride home left us vintage car gals stuck in nightmare traffic while the moto ladies snuck on through. Lori’s 1959 T-Bird died in and BQE traffic was brought to a stand still while we managed a jump from my Ranchero. never a dull moment!


Happy America and HAPPY SUMMER!

Corinna Mantlo

1968 BSA Lightning 650, 1971 BSA Victor 250, 1971 Yamaha AT1 125, 1962 Ford Ranchero



Black Bear Bar Sunday!

MF black bear bar sundays IG

It’s that time again…Scoot on over to Black Bear Bar this Sunday to party with The Miss-Fires!

Bike curious? Not a member yet? Just want to make some new friends of the vehicular persuasion? Black Bear Bar Sunday is a perfect time to meet the ladies and community friends to talk motorbikes, classic cars, mopeds and racing over a cold beer.

Rides not required for this monthly gathering and everyone is welcome.

See you there!




A glimpse at today’s incredible raffle prizes!



Today’s the day!  Tar Pit Presents Locally Brewed III begins at 11am!  Here is a list of great prizes for our sweet swag raffle.  We’ll be choosing the winners at 5pm tonight, so come out early to buy your tickets!  $2.00 per ticket and you could go home with one of the following:



We’re also having a yummy bake sale!  Cookies and chocolates shaped like motorcycles!! Whoop!

See you there!


Donate to win the Grand Prize!

Tomorrow is the big day!  The Miss-Fires will be at Tar Pit Presents: Locally Brewed III to team up with member owner Kerry to raise money for local charity Hosh Kids!  We’re having a bake sale, a 50/50 raffle and we have over a dozen great items to raffle off, including the amazing grand prize below.

If  you cannot make it to the Tar Pit coffee shop to buy a raffle, you’re in luck!  Here’s your chance to still be in the running for the grand prize!  You have until 5pm Saturday, May 10th to enter using the paypal link below.


Grand Prize:  Ladies riding gear set – Jacket, helmet and gloves donated by Ducati Triumph NYC!  $3.00 per raffle


Dainese women’s vintage textile jacket in gray


Dainese textile reinforced short- style gloves


Shoei Qwest helmet



To be in the running for the Grand Prize, please click on the link below.  Purchase as many as you want, just donate in multiples of $3.00!

Please include your email address and telephone number at payment so we know where to contact you if you win!  We’ll let you know by 7pm tomorrow night. Good luck!




The Miss-Fires give back!

The Miss-Fires are joining forces with the owners of Tar Pit coffee shop for a day of art, food, booze, motorcycles and charity!

tar pit flyer 2
The Tar Pit coffee shop holds its annual event, Locally Brewed, next Saturday, May 10th from 11am-9pm. The event hopes to cultivate new relationships within the community by introducing local artists and making their art more accessible for the general passerby. They also hope that it inspires communication within the neighborhood fostering new friendships and continuing existing ones.

The six selected artists have been given a predetermined theme a few weeks in advance and work within a selected color palette. Functioning raised panel garage doors serve as the canvas. The artists will be placed in a sequential order and will complete their paintings as a live performance.  This year’s theme is MOTORCYCLES!

There will be food by Yeah Dawg! and Cake Thieves. Sixpoints is getting some brewski. There will also be a band or two.

The Miss-Fires will be on hand to help raise money for a local charity: Hosh Kids – Hosh is a local yoga studio that sends its teachers to local schools to provide children with sessions of yoga and meditation.  During these sessions they also teach very important lessons on mindfulness. The owner said that if we could raise $800, that it would be enough to provide one local school with one semester of practice.

We’ll be having a bake sale (cookies in the shapes of tools! Yes!), a 50/50 raffle and a regular raffle with gift certificates from local restaurants, hair salons, tattoo shops  and other establishments.  Other great raffle prizes include lots of moto related items including some gear graciously donated by Val of Motorgrrl Garage and moto accessories from Corinna at Via Meccancia.  This could be your chance to get on the guest list for a Bowery show or snag some gear that you’ve been meaning to purchase.   You might even walk away with a great gift for mom (Mother’s day is Sunday!).

We’ll make room for Moto parking!  We welcome respectful bikers of all stripes.

When:  Saturday, May 10th, 11am-9pm

Where: Tar Pit coffee shop, 135 Woodpoint Rd, Brooklyn, New York 11222

What:  Tar Pit Presents: Locally Brewed III https://www.facebook.com/tarpitpresents  RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/493747827420408/

tar pit flyer

Intruder Alert: Tune-Up Part 1

Last night, under Val’s tutelage, we pulled my ’87 Suzuki Intruder out of winter storage for a much needed spring cleaning tune-up. By the time I got to MotorGrrl at 7PM, Little Miss Suzi Ramjam (the Intruder’s new name for reasons I’ll explain later) was already up on the lift and ready for love with a bright red shop rag draped over the seat, handle bar straps holding her tight and tall, and Val next to the lift with a shiny ratchet wrench in-hand.

She had already lowered the battery from the box and informed me that it wasn’t holding a charge which kept the bike from starting.  Damn.  I wasn’t surprised though, I’ve had battery issues since I bought the bike almost two years ago so I can look forward to diagnosing the issue later.  Now, in order to take the battery completely out of its little house you have to raise the frame a bit for the door to swing far enough down so the battery can drop out which leads me to the whole Ramjam thing.  The Intruder is a lot of bike jammed into a relatively tiny frame.  Precision Japanese engineering does not a happy American wrencher make.  It takes a few simple tasks turning into many annoying projects to make this glaringly clear.  From the angle of screw casings to the varied position of the carbs it’s almost impossible to just do a little tinkering.  Time for us to tweak our approach and sprinkle on some patience and time with this baby.

{Cue Music}

First things first we determined the level of tuning that was needed.  For her 16,500 miles, the manual’s recommended list was pretay long so we just started right at the top: Drain the oil and yes, I got it all over.  Felt good.

Then we set in to inspect the spark plugs.


Look at that smile.  I was all, “Can’t wait to see these freakin’ spark plugs!” Let’s just reach in there and get ’em!”  But first we had to remove the cylinder covers to get close enough to unscrew ’em.  What we found were some FILTHY plugs and a beautifully preserved dead bumble bee!  RIP.


With fresh new plugs installed and a prayer offered for the dead it was back to the manual and the next step: air filters – one front, one rear.  The rear filter was relatively easy to find once we removed the seat – match this diagram to this thing here.  But since the front filter housing sat under the gas tank, it became time for that to come off.  Yes, I got gas everywhere.  And with that we learned that the tank end of my fuel line was pretty dry rotted and needed to be replaced.  But one thing at a time.

Both air filters were pretty dirty but not in desperate need of replacement so we just blew them. With compressed air. Then spent a decent amount of time trying to get the dang hose reattached.  Ramjam problem: due to its positioning, we couldn’t see or feel if the hose was attached in any way to the housing. We had to remove the ignition coils which flanked each side to get a better look. 45 minutes and just as many WTF’s later, we were finally able to move on to the fuel line.

With a flashlight we followed the current line starting from where we had detached it from the petcock down to where it connected to the fuel pump.  To be expected, it was quite a tight squeeze but since we were in there and Val had a replacement hose we decided just to replace it.  Right? JUST?  Just replace it? Tonight?

I guess what we lack in smarts we make up for in conviction because we got the new fuel line in, but not before midnight. And though we knew there was more work to do we figured, let’s just get the tank back on, hook up the line, and go on home.


At that time Corinna, the forgotten 8th Dwarf (let’s call her “Greasy”), was packing up after killin’ it all night at the work table putting the transmission back together on her Yamaha.  She provided some much needed muscle in our last stretch connecting the tight new line to the petcock.


I’m a lucky lady for having the following: a warm garage, tools, WOMAN-POWER (and Slade), great company from those who come to hang out, and a challenging bike that rewards me for the attention I pay to it (which it rightfully deserves).



Well this was fun!  Thanks for reading!  More to come!