Member Bio: Meet Emilie

IG: @heyemilieschwenk // photo by @gracerosellistudio


How did you become interested in riding?

Started on the back of my boyfriend’s bike. After just a few months, I decided he wasn’t going fast enough for me!  

How long have you been riding?

3 years

What kind of bike(s) do you have?

Two Harleys- a ’91 sportster & a ’79 Ironhead sportster

Advice for new riders or women who want to get into riding?

You’re going to have to leave your comfort zone, there is no way around it. In fact, you’re going to have to get really freaking uncomfortable if you want to be a part of this world. The best thing about the Miss-Fires, is that you have a huge group of awesome women who have your back and will help you through that discomfort. You have to face those fears if you want to overcome them!

Favorite moto adventure / dream moto adventure?

Riding through the California desert with the MFs crew to Babes Ride Out. The rides were so much better than the event itself! We spent so many hours on the road together and got so close. I had never been to California (or experienced California highways) before, by the end of the trip, we were doing 85mph in perfect formation and reading each others cues and signals like we had been doing it for years!

Favorite piece(s) of gear and why?

My white striped Biltwell Gringo helmet. It saved my jaw and teeth when I went down and hit my face on the pavement in November.

What is the best part of being woman who rides?

Nothing has ever made me feel more powerful, or strong, or confident than riding motorcycles.

And what is the worst part of being woman who rides?

There is still a lot of misogyny and sexism in the motorcycle community. I think we are making progress every day, but there is still this idea of “women as property”.  There are men who will still say inappropriate things or make gestures to a women on a bike. I think it’s made my skin a lot thicker to have to deal with things like that. Every time I have to give someone the finger, I feel just a little stronger. 🙂

Besides riding motorcycles, what other hobbies or passions do you have?

I have a vintage shop on Etsy! Check it out on!

Bonus question! Add anything else you’d like our community to know about you or women riders in general.

If you are a woman and you have an interest in motorcycles, we are soul sisters, and I already love you. Don’t ever be afraid to reach out to any one of the Miss-Fires to ask questions, we will have your back!


Member Bio: Meet Monika Rose.

IG: @minusculedetails // photos by @lohdyimage1

How did you become interested in riding?

I actually became interested in the idea of fixing and learning the mechanics of a bike before even riding. I bought a little two stroke Suzuki hustler and really started rebuilding and rewiring that little guy before even becoming comfortable on a bike.

How long have you been riding?

Wrenching 4 years, riding over 3

What kind of bike(s) do you have?

I keep buying Honda cb’s. I understand them so easily and understand their needs and wants. Troubleshooting them successfully can be so immediately satisfying.


Advice for new riders or women who want to get into riding?

I don’t recommend just anyone getting into riding, I actually think it requires a certain awarity and ability to implement yourself in potentially uncomfortable situations. Whether social uncomfortabilities, sore butt uncomfortabilities, or finding yourself with multiple pipe burns on your calves.

Favorite moto adventure / dream moto adventure?

Gold Wing down a long dry desert road – dream.

Favorite piece(s) of gear and why?

I actually love my Bell Bullitt helmet. The wide viewport is so handy and it’s actually relatively quiet at high speeds.

What is the best part of being woman who rides?

Comfortability keeping your head up, knowing your strengths lie deeper then being a ‘babe on a bike’.

And what is the worst part of being woman who rides?

Ya know, majority of people will really not take you seriously until proven otherwise.



Besides riding motorcycles, what other hobbies or passions do you have?

I’m a swimwear designer and a minimalist painter. Somehow I found myself doing what I love weekdays and weekends

Bonus question! Add anything else you’d like our community to know about you or women riders in general.

I just moved from Los Angeles and brought my restored-to-stock CB out here. I’m excited to really dive into the women’s riding world and meet wonderful ladies with wonderful stories.


Saucy Miss-Fire on But I Also . . .


Every rider has their own love story of sorts; the where, the when, and the how vary slightly. We all have our first loved bikes, unrequited rides, and beautiful days we lust for… and we go back again and again on our favorite rides to end up in our favorite places and feel those loves once more. But what do we do when we put down our kick stands and hang up our helmets?

No matter what we do in our nine to five lives and in our homes, we are always first and foremost motorcycle riders. Riding is the quintessence of my identity and individuality, but like diamonds we all have many facets. Vocationally, I also love being a textile designer, and avocationally I am a chef.

Listen to my story on the podcast “But I Also…”  by comedian Aaron Kominos-Smith to learn about what I love when I’m not on two wheels.

You can also see the new blog I mention on the podcast, and you can follow me on Instagram @3tacocrush  to view pics of all the things I love.

Always follow the dreams you love most!

  • Rose Sol, part of an elite team of tacos on two wheels

The Miss-Fires Speakeasy Benefit

The best party of the year!!!
December 9th, 2016
9pm – 2am

100 Sutton Greenpoint, Brooklyn

between Nassau & Norman – back alley entrance 

100% of all proceeds will be donated to Gilda’s Club NYC. You can read more about how we became involved with this wonderful organization below.

Get ready to put your best flapper foot forward – the dance floor will be hopping! Our very own, Triumph ridin’, insanely talented, Julia Haltigan will be performing with her very special guest musicians.

julia.jpgStunning shot by Ashleigh Ide

Test your luck at our roulette wheel to win some amazing raffle prizes, we’ll have a party themed photo booth set up with a pro photographer, Cine Meccanica will be showing old silent movies, and the incredible illustration artist Anthony Kieren will be in the house (you may be lucky enough to be secretly selected for an on the spot portraiture!).

So don those newsboy caps, suspenders, and sequins and we’ll see you there… shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (not really, please tell everyone you know!!!)

The Miss-Fires chose Gilda’s Club NYC to be our beneficiary this year. The Speakeasy will not only raise money for the organization but also awareness for those that may not know about the important work they do in our community and the resources they offer.  It has a special place in our hearts supporting one of our very own Miss-Fires through the cancer battle. She suggested it to me after I reached out to her, I’d like to share what she said…

“Last year I used to go to Gilda’s Club, it was founded by the Saturday night life comedian Gilda Radner in the late 80’s and is an amazing organization located in an old brownstone on east Houston street. They have more places in other cities now as well. They have groups and children programs etc. My younger daughter loved to go there for all the attention and to be with other kids who’s moms have cancer too. I used to go to group therapy sessions with other people with cancer and it was usually only women. Even though its not geared to women only – there are mostly woman that use the program. They also found me my solo therapist, a woman who is specialized in cancer patients.”
Gilda Radnor’s Wiki page has loads more interesting information on this inspiring woman, but here’s a bit from the legacy section on Gilda’s club origin; “In 1991, Gilda’s Club, a network of affiliate clubhouses where people living with cancer, their friends, and families, can meet to learn how to live with cancer, was founded by Joanna Bull, Radner’s cancer psychotherapist, along with Radner’s widower, Gene Wilder (also a cancer survivor) and broadcaster Joel Siegel (who later died after a long battle with cancer). The first club opened in New York City in 1995. The organization took its name from Radner’s comment that cancer gave her “membership to an elite club I’d rather not belong to”. Radner’s story can be read in her book, It’s Always Something.”

Thank you to The Miss-Fires dear friends, moto family and community for your support.

Broadway Stages

If you’d like to make a cash donation as seen here, please send it via Paypal to with Speakeasy in the notes.

The Miss-Fires Speakeasy started in 2014, 3 years ago because my mother was battling breast cancer. She had started Kidspot, a clinic for children on the Autism spectrum but due to her illness was no longer able to work. We raised $5000 to contribute towards keeping the clinic doors open while she was getting treatments. The kids were able to continue getting care until the remaining partner in the clinic was able to join with The Carson Kolzig Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Tri-Cities, Washington, dedicated to education and resources for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families. The Responding to Autism Center moved in the space my mother created specifically for the treatment of these kids. They were able to take on her part of the lease so Kidspot could continue to grow without her. The Responding to Autism center is funded in large part by a continuing grant from the Carson Kolzig Foundation. Both entities have a shared vision of the Center being the cornerstone in the community where families can come for guidance, education, support, training, and comprehensive and affordable services.

Then 2015 came around, The Miss-Fires continued this tradition and choose another nonprofit close to our hearts. We wanted to support our fellow Miss-Fire, her family started a breast cancer foundation for her beloved aunt who died at the age of 34. The Florina Rusi-Marke Foundation also gifted the first fundraiser with a $500 check and we now had the opportunity to give back. We are thrilled to say our $4000 contribution helped build their new center dedicated to the total spectrum of breast related care, especially breast cancer.  The Florina Rusi-Marke Comprehensive Breast Center are the first to serve the community of Staten Island.

Now it’s 2016! Please help us in our efforts this year as we recognize, thank, and ultimately give what we can back into our amazing community.

Ride With The Living Dead!


Every year, The Miss-Fires take a queue from the 1973 biker movie horror classic Psychomania to dress up as The Living Dead and terrorize the streets of NYC on motorcycles…and you’re invited! 10636331_10152559059569608_3487462758814538471_n.jpgSo, saddle up the steel steed, and road ready your costume, so you too can Ride With The Living Dead this Halloween Eve!

Event details here: 

Check out the first year here:


The 2016 Distinguished Gentlefolk’s Ride is a wrap!


Team Miss-Fires achieved our goal of $5000!!! Thank you from the bottom of our tires for all the support. We couldn’t have done it without you.

The Miss-Fires DGR team

All 2016 photos from the perspective of NYC rider and Miss-Fire Kim Kenney;

Getting ready to roll out..crew

Single file ladies…d-line

Slava not flying(yes those are feathers..) with the masses through Times Square.f-t-sq

Well a vintage ride wouldn’t be complete with a break down, thanks to our friends from The Black Motorcycles for stopping to check on us.oops

All good, let’s go!peace

Slava didn’t quite meet the bike requirements but luckily she’s not really that noticable.scenery

The ride takes a photo break mid-ride at Washington Square Park, so we took the opportunity to snag a shot of as many Miss-Fires as we could find amid the 700+ riders!t-group

Now for the awards! The Miss-Fires partnered with REV IT  & Via Meccanica to reward the best FULL GEAR dapper look – it ain’t easy to do… check out the armor in Linda Missals hot pants!

Pic by Dominique Dcstage

Photos from the 2015 DGR in NYC;

Ambassador, rider, and Miss-Fire Kat Thomsen. Photographer Geoff Barrenger.kat-kiss

Rider and Miss-Fire Adrianne Mamet. Photographer Geoff Barrener.unnamed-5

Rider and Miss-Fire Alessandra Recine. Photographer Ryan Handt.alessandra.png

Rider and Miss-Fire Grace Roselli. Photographer unknown.screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-3-47-06-pm

Hope to see you all next year!

Love The Miss-Fires.


Kristin Jackson, Elisa LeNoir, Kat Thomsen, Alessandra Recine,

Chin Lee, Adrienne Mamot, & Kristen Reed.

Photographer Grace Roselli.