Project CB350G

45639_685708924784009_651841843_nOn any (winter) Sunday, you can find The Miss-Fires working away on Stephanie’s 1973 Honda CB350G complete rebuild project at Motor Preserve. This bike came to her in boxes and we are determined to have her riding by her birthday this spring.


With the cylinder, cylinder head, and cam base installed we are ready to tackle the camshaft.  We installed the cam chain sprocket, camshaft, cam chain tensioner, rocker arms, rocker pins and set the alignment of the camshaft and sprocket with the alternator.

1549287_10151970478059608_926037277_nOil pump and filter were cleaned and all gaskets and o-rings replaced. Engine covers were cleaned and prepped.

oilpumpandfilterassemblyNext week, we will install the primary gear. Reassemble and install the oil filter and pump, as well as the clutch basket. We’ll set up the ignition timing; points, gaps, and check/adjust timing.  The alternator cover which has stripped screws will be drilled out.

1601227_10151970713559608_181491727_nStephanie and her engine block are coming together. Happy girl!

– Valerie Figarella, MotorGrrl

1978 Yamaha XS650 Custom Street tracker, 2003 Honda Shadow Spirit, 1974 Harley Sportster project

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