Project Dirtbike

1513198_10151959762489608_279578354_nWhen it comes to vintage bike projects, it seems like you’re always waiting on something. It’s not until the cases were cracked that we were able to determine what needed replacing for the complete rebuild of the little 1971 Yamaha At1 125 engine.

overall, everything was pretty clean, but the decision was made to go replace the seals and bearings as the ball bearings felt gritty when rolled. Parts were ordered from Cyclepartsnation which is a great resource for vintage bike parts and makes it easy with exploded diagrams of each section of the bike for part identification.

In the meantime, instead of twiddling our thumbs or b-lining it to the bar, we got to work  polishing the covers and head, which was fine since Val always has a cooler of beer and the music cranked over at MotorGrrl garage on Monday nights. When using the polishing wheel, make sure to keep a good grip on the piece your working with, and use lots of polish on the wheel pad. To preserve the finish after polishing, rub all pieces down well with WD40.

– Corinna

1971 yamaha at1, 1968 BSA Lightning, 1962 Ford Ranchero

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