Project Dirtbike

photo(1)Moto Monday winter project nights are going strong over at the MotorGrrl garage. Here’s an update on the 1971 Yamaha At1 125 engine rebuild project.

photo 2-1This week we put the transmission together, installed the crank, tested the gears and shift pattern, applied Yama-bond to the case edges and pressed them closed. Be sure to thoroughly check your gears and shifting BEFORE you closed up the cases as it’s a pain in the butt to open them up again. Guess why I mention this…Go on, Guess? 🙂

photo 4-1A tip from a friend is to install the transmission, close up the cases (without the crank installed), put on the shifter and go through the gears until you are sure they’re right. Once checked, open cases (easy now, since the crank is not pressure fit in place), install crank and pressure fit cases closed.

photo 5-2We used a torch to heat the bearings (staying away from the bearing balls themselves), then tapped them closed carefully with a rubber mallet.

photo 2All photos by Miss-Fires member, Kristin.


1971 Yamaha At1 125, 1968 BSA Lightning 650, 1962 Ford Ranchero

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