1st annual ‘Split’n Lanes & Dodgin’ Gutters’ Classic Motorcycle Show

10387322_10152208523939608_8684991690218757340_nIt was a great honor to be included in the first annual classic motorcycle show ‘Splittin’ Lanes & Dodgin’ Gutters’ at Brooklyn Bowl a few weeks ago.

10337743_10152177893729608_2646029572342485431_nmy Franken-BSA

Me and my 1968-ish hot rod BSA joined an amazing lineup of rare antique motorcycles.


from a 1923 Nera-Car, shown above…

(incidently, this photo was chosen by Brooklyn Bowl on Instagram as the best photo posted that day and won me two tickets to see Dick Dale and my dear friends Screamin’ Rebel Angels in August. Woohoo!)


…to a rare Velocette that is still raced on the track by it’s owner, a lovely BSA Victor 441 built by Fifty 50 Cycles (who recently did some custom fab work for my Beezer). and who’s  CUSTOM SEAT I made for them.


A ’57 BSA Goldstar Flattracker built by Sixth Street Specials (that i also a CUSTOM SEAT for)  and a ’39 flathead Harley (shown above) built by Keino Cycles and painted by Skratch’s Garage. This bike belonging to a friend was by far my favorite from the show and a perfect example of a perfect, tastefully done, period correct custom bob.

10402091_10152208566894608_8441954475362929504_nBSA, 1952 Triumph Thunderbird, and my favorite Vincent Black Shadow


It was a great day with great friends including my darling Miss-Fires who are always up for a ride and bike show, but who more importantly support me endlessly. It was wonderful to have them there.

10403046_757647654258488_6147310150814610526_nInside the show

10325764_757646780925242_78296049855870145_nOut front

Nothing makes me happier to see the majority of these bikes arrive on their own volition, ’cause bikes are meant for riding!

10334471_10152209494184608_8505307658695478405_nhooligan, custom chopper taking the trophy Lee Marvin style…then joining us for beers.

Check out this awesome video of the show.



Corinna Mantlo

1968 BSA Lightning 650, 1971 BSA Victor 250, 1971 Yamaha AT1 125, 1962 Ford Ranchero

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