It’s gonna be just like the movies…Thank god we brought the polaroid!


“It’s gonna be just like the movies…Thank god we brought the polaroid!” – Love & A .45 (1994)

Well…We’ve been the gang that hugs (NY Times), and now it seems we’re the bad biker girls of Brooklyn (Inside Edition)…or perhaps the next Duck Dynasty. The truth lies somewhere…um, in between i’d say.


Regardless of media coverage, The Inside Edition ride we did a few weeks ago  was a great excuse to get the girls out en mass for a full day of riding all over the city. geared up with Go-Pros provided by the film crew, 20+ Miss-Fires  tore down the highways and backstreets from Williamsburg to Coney Island to Queens and back followed by the Inside Edition crew hanging out of the window of their Suburban with more cameras poised on us. Full coverage!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Stay tuned for the Inside Edition air date…God help us all!


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