My Cool Motorcycle

photo by Geoff Barrenger Last October, UK author Chris Haddon invited me to be included in his newest book ‘My Cool Motorcycle: An Inspirational Guide to Motorcycles and Biking Culture‘ with my pretty rad (if I do say so myself) 1968-ish BSA 650 hot rod bike. I was honored to be included, and thrilled to be able to bring on talented photographer and friend Geoff Barrenger to take the photographs. Geoff captures motorcyclists in motion in a way that truly conveys what it is to be at peace, alone on the open road. His work can be seen at Whiteline Motorcycle Photographs. ‘My Cool Motorcycle’ which was finally released in July is a great collection of stories from all over the world, and is now on the Amazon best seller list. I am only one of a few women included and the only American. Get your copy on AMAZON today!

Corinna Mantlo, proud Miss-Fire.

1971 Yamaha At1 125, 1968 BSA 650, 1962 Ford Ranchero, 1971 BSA Victor 250 desert sled race bike.


my cool motorcycle is a window on the world of motorcycles: ‘cool’ iconic motorcycles, much-loved underdogs, stylish owners, amazing journeys, custom builds, and historical andpresent-day motorcycle culture. Looking back across the 100 years or so of the motorcycle, this book focusses on iconic makes and sought-after classics, and illustrates an invention that has changed the landscape of transport and counter-culture.

Chris Haddon and photographer Lyndon McNeil over six months, travelled far and wide capturing the inspirational, fascinating and moving stories of owners’ lives: from the Isle of Man, a mecca in the world of motorcycling; to the far corners of England and Wales, including to the beaches of Pending Sands, the home of land-speed record breakers since the early 1900s; plus midnight-to-dawn photo-shoots in Paris.

We read about cherished motorcycles handed down from father to son; a Triumph that played an instrumental part in a couple’s relationship. The story of an owner looking to make her first motorcycle acquisition and taking pity on and rehoming a forlorn underdog. And how a Vincent Rapider that, when selling was never an option, took up residence within the owner’s home for decades before once again taking to the road.

Also featuring motorcycling cultures in Japan, India and New York, my cool motorcycle celebrates a love affair with motorcycles and who knows…maybe it will inspire new or wannabe owners.

Chris Haddon is the author of the My Cool… series, and together with my cool motorcycle photographer Lyndon McNeil travelled across the UK to capture the motorcycles showcased in this book. He has a great passion for all things retro, and runs a design agency from the back of his converted 1960’s Airstream caravan.

my cool motorcycle is published by Pavilion Books

IBSN 9781909108912

RRP £14.99

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