Saucy Miss-Fire on But I Also . . .


Every rider has their own love story of sorts; the where, the when, and the how vary slightly. We all have our first loved bikes, unrequited rides, and beautiful days we lust for… and we go back again and again on our favorite rides to end up in our favorite places and feel those loves once more. But what do we do when we put down our kick stands and hang up our helmets?

No matter what we do in our nine to five lives and in our homes, we are always first and foremost motorcycle riders. Riding is the quintessence of my identity and individuality, but like diamonds we all have many facets. Vocationally, I also love being a textile designer, and avocationally I am a chef.

Listen to my story on the podcast “But I Also…”  by comedian Aaron Kominos-Smith to learn about what I love when I’m not on two wheels.

You can also see the new blog I mention on the podcast, and you can follow me on Instagram @3tacocrush  to view pics of all the things I love.

Always follow the dreams you love most!

  • Rose Sol, part of an elite team of tacos on two wheels

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Part of an elite team of tacos on two wheels.

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