Member Bio: Meet Monika Rose.

IG: @minusculedetails // photos by @lohdyimage1

How did you become interested in riding?

I actually became interested in the idea of fixing and learning the mechanics of a bike before even riding. I bought a little two stroke Suzuki hustler and really started rebuilding and rewiring that little guy before even becoming comfortable on a bike.

How long have you been riding?

Wrenching 4 years, riding over 3

What kind of bike(s) do you have?

I keep buying Honda cb’s. I understand them so easily and understand their needs and wants. Troubleshooting them successfully can be so immediately satisfying.


Advice for new riders or women who want to get into riding?

I don’t recommend just anyone getting into riding, I actually think it requires a certain awarity and ability to implement yourself in potentially uncomfortable situations. Whether social uncomfortabilities, sore butt uncomfortabilities, or finding yourself with multiple pipe burns on your calves.

Favorite moto adventure / dream moto adventure?

Gold Wing down a long dry desert road – dream.

Favorite piece(s) of gear and why?

I actually love my Bell Bullitt helmet. The wide viewport is so handy and it’s actually relatively quiet at high speeds.

What is the best part of being woman who rides?

Comfortability keeping your head up, knowing your strengths lie deeper then being a ‘babe on a bike’.

And what is the worst part of being woman who rides?

Ya know, majority of people will really not take you seriously until proven otherwise.



Besides riding motorcycles, what other hobbies or passions do you have?

I’m a swimwear designer and a minimalist painter. Somehow I found myself doing what I love weekdays and weekends

Bonus question! Add anything else you’d like our community to know about you or women riders in general.

I just moved from Los Angeles and brought my restored-to-stock CB out here. I’m excited to really dive into the women’s riding world and meet wonderful ladies with wonderful stories.


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