Project CB350G

1234029_10152013274824608_1186951831_nSunday found us plugging away on the CB project. by the end of the day, cover pieces were shinier, and the top end is set, timed and ready to go!

1607013_10203002591802827_117769171_nCongrats to Suzanne and Tony (who stopped by with their pup) on their recent engagement. Glad we got to hang out and give you both a hug!

1796602_10152013298529608_1946351915_nAnd of course it’s not just us girls in the garage. The fellas were there for good company, moral support, ‘harley beer’ and custom patches. Thanks guys!


1971 Yamaha At1 125, 1968 BSA Lightning 650, 1962 Ford Ranchero

One thought on “Project CB350G

  1. Hi Ladies, We had fun last night— if you were not there you were missed!!! I sent Corrina a ton of photo’s she will post here are just a few…. of what is coming! Erika, Alison and Lori can you like me on fb, I have good photos of you!! Or I could put on Instagram!

    Hey, to the Gals that are meeting Producers with Val and MG tonight good-luck and let know how you do….. when you are famous hope you still talk to us xo

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