Project: BSA

photo 5We recently did a quick one nighter session over at member Valerie’s garage MotorGrrl, on my 1968 BSA Lightning. The fork seals were leaking badly and it should have been a quick swap, but as with many old bikes and mine in particular, nothing is ever what it seems.

1555526_682822451739323_1171141786_nI already knew that my ’68 Lightning has a ’70 Thunderbolt 650 engine in it, but i thought that was the only modification. Of course when we went to install stock, mail ordered ’68 A65 Lightning fork seals, we discovered that the Beezer has  earlier A10 forks fitted to an A65 wheel. So…another week’s wait to get the right seals and I was back up and running. I love my franken-bike. Viva la vintage iron!


1971 Yamaha At1 125, 1968 BSA Lightning 650, 1962 Ford Ranchero

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